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Reduce your cost of case management. Accountability for clients, attorneys and employees.

Welcome to ZenJurist

ZenJuristTM Software is a unique client, office, and trial management system that helps you become more productive in your practice.  Every time you or your staff have to take a client phone call or put your hands on a file it costs you money.  Our software reduces the number of times you have to perform those tasks and makes you more productive in your practice.  What’s more, we use innovative and creative solutions to assist you in issue spotting, locate resources for cross-examination, help you select the best expert witness for your case, and much more.

This software has changed the way my office handles case information and overall communication. With one central hub for case and client management, I know that my staff can accomplish more with ZenJurist.


A few things ZenJurist has to offer.

Auto Complete Forms

With ZenJuristTM you can create your own form letters, pleadings, motions, text messages, or emails.  Or, you can use one of our hundreds of forms specially created for the criminal defense attorney.


Accountability For Clients & Staff

Hold your clients and employees accountable for tasks assigned to them by viewing our task management system.  When you assign a task, your client or employee will be sent automatic reminders of due dates


Simplify Account Receivable

ZenJurist makes it simple to track your accounts receivable.  When you enter the amount due and the payment schedule your clients will automatically be notified by email, text message, and/or letter of their payment schedule and when they have an upcoming or overdue payment.


Manage Your Docket & Calendar

ZenJuristTM has multiple solutions to help you manage your docket and calendar.  With our unique task assignment feature, your tasks will appear on your calendar so you do not have to re-enter information several times. 

Reasons To Choose ZenJurist


Is your best resource for exclusive credit card processing rates, on-demand financial accounting, and trust account management.

Why Zenjurist »


Save time and money with our planning, tasks, and events functionality. Run you entire office at the click of a mouse.

Secure Service

100% protected and secure on a dedicated, protected server, so your case information is always safe.

Easy Interface

User-friendly application with a modern, yet easy to understand process for handling the jobs you need to get done.